Registering and Hosting Domain

Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd. ( is domain registry for Nepal. It provides us with a free domain for personal use given that domain name is based only on applicant’s name. Since Domains are registered on a first-come-first-serve basis, I encourage every one to register a domain name based on your name as fast as possible.

To register, you can follow the procedures described below.

  1. Go to to start domain registration procedure and type your full name to check whether domain is available or not.
Type your full name and click on search.
Try some variation in case you see some error.
After you see success message as above, click on Register Now.
Click on Create User
Enter your information and click on Create Account.
After creating Account, you will get an activation email as below.
Click on verify.
After verification, sign in with your login info.
You will see domain request form. Enter your information as above. You may use different name server. It depends on the hosting server you use. Since we will be using awardspace, the above namespace are of awardspace hosting.
To get free domain, you have to submit photo of your citizenship.
Select Registration/Citizenship document from document title and upload your photo. You can capture photo from CamScanner or Office Lens in your mobile. Your file must be less than 800KB.
Upload the image of back side of citizenship.
After uploading, you will see Request Domain option. Click on Request Domain.
Necessary step is completed for domain registration. You have to wait for 5pm of next working day generally for it to be accepted or rejected.

2. In case your domain name is rejected you will see error as below after logging in.

In such case, search for another name more relating to your complete name and proceed as below.
And proceed with the same steps.

You can delete the older request.

3. After a successful registration you will see the steps as below.

4. Now head over to and proceed as below.

After changing password, click on Close Welcome.
Click on Domain Manager
Click on Host a domain and Enter your domain and click on Host Domain
You will see the screen as above. Now again go to Home page
Click on Zacky Installer.
Click on WordPress
Choose a default theme and click on Next.
Choose some plugin and click on Next.
Choose your domain
Enter the title, admin email, username and password. Click on Next
Click on Install Now
It will start hosting process.
Congratulations, You completed the setup of you hosting. Go to wp-admin link above and process accordingly.

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